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Mosaic Tiles

Specializing Ethnic Handmade Products

We fall in love with clay and sea glass while making a project in the DC area.

We share this art form with others in order to ensure the survival of this handcraft

and employ people in the local area.

Our Ceramics and Tiles are beautiful displays the graceful bounty of nature while telling a story of the past in pictorial harmony. You can use for residential and commercial applications such as:

·       Wall & Floor Tiles

·       Art Display (Calligraphy, Framed Tiles, Awards Plates etc.)

·       Panels (Geometric and Traditional applications)

·       Tableware (Bowls, Plates, Vases, Souvenirs etc. )

Our CEO + Principle Artist

Altan Erginkoc's background is in engineering in the field of construction. He's explored different color, texture, and form while learning traditional Turkish ceramic painting. The collaboration with an Anatolian instructor while reading the ottoman, Persian art history fueled his creativity. After graduating from university, he worked as project manager in a corporate setting. As technology changed and design was done more on computers, he found that he missed the experience of ceramic painting and started teaching to the kids and adults within the DMV area. His workshops incorporate the thousands of years of tradition that came before him and blend sthat tradition with creativity and function in today’s world.

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